Life in a ‘bubble’


The IV Pump
The IV Pump
Completed 'I love Winter' jigsaw puzzle
Completed ‘I love Winter’ jigsaw puzzle
B is for Bollocks
B is for Bollocks
Day -5
Day -5

Today is Day -5. My 5th day of living ‘in a bubble’. In 5 days time it will be Day 0, the day of my Stem Cell Transplant, the start of my new life.

I am adjusting  as well as can be expected to life in two rooms; my bathroom and my everything else room. My situation improved greatly yesterday when I was moved into a new and significantly bigger room which should now be mine for the duration of the transplant. I now have an exercise bike, a TV and a DVD player and all of these should help to bring a bit more variety to my life inside four walls.

I have made my mark on the place, sticking up photos and cards to make it feel more like a home. My favourite piece is my ‘B is for Bollocks’ sign. My dear friend Lou sent it to me when I was in hospital last year. B is for Bollocks – Bollocks to cancer. My nurse remarked on how brilliant it was suggesting that there should be a copy on every patient’s wall.

As far as treatment is concerned it has been a case of so far so good. I have been fortunate enough to have not reacted particularly badly to any of my treatments so far. I have had three days of Campath, an antibody treatment, and two days of the chemo drug Fludarabine. Today is my third day of Fludarabine and I will have it for a further two days. All of the drugs are hooked up to my ‘tentacles’ and are slowly pumped in by the IV machine which is a painless and surprisingly mundane procedure; often I forget that I am connected at all.



3 thoughts on “Life in a ‘bubble’

  1. Just love your spirit Kate xx. Sending you hugs and wishing you all the best for your next lot of treatment. Keep that spirit up it inspires others xx. Love and hugs xx


  2. You look wonderful tentacles and all. Keep fighting the good fight! You are in my prayers. Much love to you sweet Katie Kate. Xoxoxoxoxo


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